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Group Show

Jun 21, 2019

This episode begins with an interview with The NewBridge Project's Artist Development Coordinator, Dan Russell, who oversees the Collective Studio and Practice Makes Practice. Then a new collaborative sound piece by Sam Blackwood and Luke Garthwaite entitled "Spitting on the ground, kicking empty cans around, the sound of people leaving in cars, white van playing rave, me waiting at the lights", followed by an interview with Holly Argent about the Women Artists of the North East Library.

Listen to Dan's radio show here - 

Info about Collective Studio 2019/20 open call - 

More from Sam here - 

Info about Women Artists of the North East Library here -

Supported by Arts Council England and The NewBridge Project. Jingles by Dan Russell (NBP) and Group Show Image by Eva Duerden (12o).