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Group Show

Aug 2, 2019

The penultimate episode of Series 2 (!!) is a conversation between Ilana, Hannah, Helen, Lorna, Marwa and Katy who were all involved in artist Bobby Baker's Great and Tiny War project last year. The project, commissioned as part of 14-18-NOW, a series of World War I centenary art commissions, took place in an immersive installation in a house on Sidney Grove in Newcastle and featured an audio guided tour. Several of the women in this recording acted as hosts on the tour of the house. The project aimed to highlight the role of women during wartime and the impact of war on mental health. 

"Great & Tiny War serves as a monument to their unacknowledged private struggles and personal strength, and will resonate with anyone whose family has been touched by conflict."

More about Great and Tiny War here -

Supported by Arts Council England and The NewBridge Project. Jingles by Dan Russell (NBP) and Group Show Image by Eva Duerden (12o).