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Group Show

Jun 6, 2019

This episode features three sound pieces from TOT-TOT-TOTALALAZOLA, an exhibition by TOTALLER curated by Lesley Guy at The NewBridge Project in January-February 2019. In order of listening - 'Mithrayer Meditation', 'Solstice Meditation' and 'Totaller Deinitiation'. 

"TOTALLER has a shared belief around the aesthetic as a destructive, progressively utopian and totalising force. The group is composed of four members – Lesley Guy, Dale Holmes, Lea Torp Nielsen and Chris Fielder. The group attempts to deliver a series of aesthetic shocks through taking risks with categories such as credibility, beauty and style, exploring approaches to these without irony or self-consciousness. They aim to work within the bounds of a new or imagined Dark Age, a space for making that is free from anxiety and allows for new forms of creation."

Lesley Guy is an artist, writer and educator based in Newcastle, UK.

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Supported by Arts Council England and The NewBridge Project. Jingles by Dan Russell (NBP) and Group Show Image by Eva Duerden (12o).